Bushcare is back, please see the 2021 Bushcare calendar below for locations of Bushcare groups and session times.  


- Bushcare groups will be capped at 19 volunteers
- All volunteers will comply with 1.5 metres physical distance throughout the Bushcare session
- All volunteers who are unwell cannot participate in the Bushcare session
- All volunteers will sign in to the NSW QR code or provide their contact details to the Supervisor on arrival.

Have you ever thought about getting involved in your local community, meeting new people and helping the environment? We can help you achieve these goals through our Bushcare program.

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Bushcare groups in Blacktown City

Volunteer Bushcare groups meet monthly at various reserves across Blacktown City, and complete bush regeneration activities such as planting locally native plants, removing weeds, and tasks which improve the natural surroundings.

Bushcare groups involve residents that have an interest in the local environment, and who enjoy the outdoors, working with other like-minded people in the community to improve local bushland reserves. Downloard the 2021 Calendar(PDF, 1MB) .

Become a bushcare volunteer

Watch our short film below to hear from our bushcare volunteers on what motivated them to join. New bushcare volunteers are always welcome. It's a great way to spend some time outdoors, and meet like-minded people. No experience necessary, all you need is a passion for getting outdoors and learning about our local environment.

All Bushcare groups in Blacktown City are supported by Council through the provision of bush regeneration training, supervision, plants, tools, technical advice and information on grants and other special projects. Volunteers generally work for 3 hours, one weekend a month.

For further information contact us on 02 9839 6000 or if you want to join a bushcare group complete our volunteer registration form.

Council installs artificial hollows for our native wildlife

Council are installing artificial tree hollows for our native wildlife.  Around 15% of all native species rely on hollows at some stage in their life cycle.

Watch this video on hollow habitat creation and bushcare at Doonside Crescent Bushland Reserve, funded by the Australian Governments Communities Environment program to assist the local volunteer groups  improve bushland habitat and increase biodiversity at the reserve.

For further information about bushcare contact our Natural Areas Team on 9839 6000 or email us at ourenvironment@blacktown.nsw.gov.au


Biological control of Alligator weed with Central Coast Council

Council travelled to the Central Coast to collect a little flea beetle that consumes Alligator weed, a priority weed that clogs our waterways.


Flame weeding project at Henry Mitchell Reserve

Watch this video on flame weeding at Henry Mitchell Reserve.

This project is funded by the Australian Government under the Australian Governments Communities Environment program to assist the community in reducing the impact of invasive weeds and support the recovery of the Cumberland Plain Woodland, a critically endangered ecological community.

For further information about Bushcare program contact our Natural Areas Team on 9839 6000 or email us at ourenvironment@blacktown.nsw.gov.au