Lodging a development application

Council wishes to advise that there may be a delay of up to 21 days in the processing of PANs and the lodgement of applications submitted via the NSW Planning Portal during the Christmas/New Year period.

For more information please contact our Gateway Development Team on 9839 6000.


Lodging a Development Application

From 1 July 2020, all development applications submitted to Blacktown Council need to be lodged online via the NSW Planning Portal https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/ You can do this from the location of your choice, or contact our Gateway Development Team on 9839 6000 if you require assistance.

For other applications such as Construction Certificates, Occupation Certificates and Other Approvals use this form: Other-Applications-Form-August-2020.pdf(PDF, 924KB)

For Complying Development Certificates use this form: Complying-Development-Certificate-Application-Form.pdf(PDF, 269KB)

When uploading the development application to the Planning Portal you need to:

  • Include a PDF copy of all the required plans and supporting documents (Sqz and DWG/XMLfiles will only be accepted for MUSIC Modelling and Vector files where required)

  • Obtain and include the landowner’s consent

  • Pay the development application fees – you will receive an invoice from us once your application is accepted

    Your development application won't be formally lodged until it has been checked for accuracy and completeness AND the full and correct fees have been paid. We will email you an invoice.

    The application is considered lodged only once it has been checked, the necessary information has been provided and the fees have been paid.

    In most circumstances you can lodge the Construction Certificate application together with your Development Application. In many cases Council can offer a discount when the Development Application and Construction Certificate are lodged concurrently (Combined DA/CC). For some minor (generally low-density housing developments) work, we may are able to issue your Construction Certificate at the same time as approving your DA Development Application consent.

    Be sure to tick the box on the checklist if you would like to lodge a combined DA/CC

  • I want to apply for:


    Fees are calculated on a scale based on the estimated cost of development (and also the number of lots in the case of subdivision).

    A detailed list of all our fees can be found in the Goods and Services Fee Schedule.

    A quote for development applications fees can be requested through our Information Centre by calling 02 9839 6000.

    You will be invoiced once your development application has been checked.

    NSW Planning Portal – Concurrence and State Agencies Referrals

    Your Development Application (DA) may require an Integrated Development Referral, under section 4.46 of the Environment Planning & Assessment Act or other External Agency Referral / Concurrence with one or more State agencies.

    The requirement of an Integrated Development Referral, External Agency Referral or Concurrence will be advised by Council upon acceptance of your DA.

    Any Integrated Development Referral, External Agency Referral or Concurrence will be processed electronically by Council via the NSW Planning Portal. Any additional payment to the relevant Agencies (if applicable) and communications between Applicant / Council / Agencies related to these types of external agency referrals will be interacted online via this Portal. (e.g additional information requested by the Agencies that you may need to respond to)

    If you have been advised that a referral to any State Agencies is required for your DA, it is essential that you register an account with the NSW Planning Portal