Development Application - Subdivision

Council wishes to advise that there may be a delay of up to 21 days in the processing of PANs and the lodgement of applications submitted via the NSW Planning Portal during the Christmas/New Year period.

For more information please contact our Gateway Development Team on 9839 6000.


From 1 July 2020, all development applications need to be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal

Please download and complete each of these documents for development applications for subdivision. 

All information uploaded to the NSW Planning Portal is to comply with Council's naming convention for uploading files. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected and returned for resubmission.

Then upload the completed documents to the Planning Portal when lodging your application.

Download the form

The following forms are required to be submitted for ALL development applications for subdivision:

Note: If you have answered NO to the conflict of interest/declaration on the Planning Portal page you will not need to submit the Conflict of Interest and Declaration form. The responsibility is on the owner/applicant to make the disclosure.

DA Checklist – Subdivision (PDF, 197KB)Subdivision-Checklist_November-2020.pdf(PDF, 197KB)

DA – Owner’s Consent (PDF, 133KB)Owner's Consent(PDF, 133KB)

DA – Cost Assessment for Development (PDF, 131KB)Cost-Assessment.pdf(PDF, 131KB)

DA – Owner’s/Applicant’s Declaration of Affiliations (PDF, 151KB)Declarations of Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Form(PDF, 151KB)

Additional Information

DA Supplement - Referral to State Agencies - required to be submitted if your proposal is integrated development (eg. Properties that are listed on the State Heritage Register) Referrals-to-State-Agencies-Checklist.pdf(PDF, 108KB)

DA - Naming Convention for Uploading Files Naming-Convention_Planning-Portal_240820.pdf(PDF, 139KB)