Riverstone Cemetery

Riverstone Cemetery is a traditional rural cemetery of monumental graves, situated at the corner of Cemetery Road and Garfield Road Riverstone.

Set among stands of gum trees, sections are set aside to accommodate Anglican, Catholic, Muslim, Non-Sectarian, Methodist and Presbyterian interments.

Burial Licences/Internet Rights for plots are available for reservation and immediate need. Ashes can be interred (buried) in family graves but only by application of a monumental mason, grave digger or organised through a funeral director.

We allocate the site location based on the applicants preferred section. Burials are excavated to double depth and in consecutive order so use of land is sustainable.

We are members of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of NSW.

How do I organise a burial?

When the need to use a burial right arises the simplest process is to contact a funeral home who will contact us on your behalf. If a burial right has been pre-purchased, you should provide the receipt for the purchase of the burial right to the funeral home who will then share it with us.

Where this is unavailable other evidence must be provided. When evidence cannot be provided, we reserves the right to refuse permission for interment. The funeral home also arranges opening and closing of the plot.

Operating hours and access

7 days a week: 7.30 am to 6 pm (7.30 pm during daylight savings time) - Access via main and pedestrian Cemetery gates only. Access through other gates is only available to approved contractors.


For appointments and enquiries, please contact our customer service team. 

Fees and charges

For prices please refer to our Goods and Services Pricing Schedule or contact our customer service team.


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