Resourcing Strategy

The 3 components of the Resourcing Strategy 2017-2027 identify the available money, assets and people to support Our Blacktown 2036 and to carry out the diverse range of services, activities and programs identified in our Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

The Resourcing Strategy for Our Blacktown 2036 is comprised of the following three components:

  • The Long Term Financial Plan, which is updated annually, addresses the financial resourcing capacity requirements of our Delivery Program. The Plan covers a 10 year period and includes financial modelling and the planning assumptions that have been identified as affecting the financial capacity of the organisation.

  • The Asset Management Strategy also covers a 10 year period and identifies the assets that are critical to our operations and outlines risk management strategies for these assets. It also contains long-term projections of asset maintenance, renewal and replacement costs.

  • The Workforce Management Plan addresses the human resource requirements of our Delivery Program. It covers a time frame of 4 years and includes an analysis of our workforce and factors impacting future resourcing.