Doing business with us

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We are part of a supply chain. To deliver our services to the community, we too must purchase other goods and services.

Because it is public money we spend, our purchasing and procurement practices are stringent. We are required by law to ensure this.

We have a strong culture of wanting to purchase goods locally. This is to strengthen our local economy. However, we must have fair and reasonable procedures for doing so.

Businesses wanting to provide their services to us must first understand our procurement practices. The information in this section explains the pathways for how you might secure work with us.

Purchasing procedures we apply

The Statement of Business Ethics(PDF, 43KB) sets the framework for how we purchase and spend public money.

Its purpose is to give guidance to the administration to ensure our rules are applied consistently and there is transparency in our processes.

How we purchase


For purchases below $250,000 we follow a quotation procedures or purchase directly from contracts by agencies approved under the local government legislation.   


For purchase above $250,000 we conducts a tender or purchases directly from contracts by agencies approved under the local government legislation

The tender threshold is calculated on a GST inclusive amount and where we have one or multiple purchases of the sane goods from the same supplier over any two year period exceeding $250,000.


Contracts with us that are $250k or above. 

Tenders on offer

 We encourage you to register on the NSW e-tendering website to receive information about our tenders or work offered by the NSW government

Tender checklist

  1. have I read the Tender/Quotation/EOI Terms and Conditions in full?
  2. have I read and understood the specifications?
  3. have I completed every schedule in the Request for Tender
  4. have I attached the required supporting documentation?
  5. have I covered the selection criteria for Tender?
  6. have I signed all relevant Tender?

Contracts register

In accordance with the requirement of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act), an up to date listing of our contracts is below.