Women - a social profile 

Our Women's profile(PDF, 2MB) outlines the major social issues women in Blacktown City currently face. It provides a snapshot of community strengths and needs for women and is a resource to support planning and research.

Summary demographics

  • There are over 170,000 women living in Blacktown City (50.3% of our population) - a higher proportion of younger women and lower proportion of older women compared to NSW

  • 45% of women (15 year of age and over) do not have a formal qualification (40.8% Greater Sydney)

  • less women in full-time employment and more in part-time employment. Over 39,000 females and over 64,000 males are employed in full-time employment, while over 30,000 females and over 17,000 males are employed in part-time employment

  • lack of fluency in English varies across the City (1.3% Riverstone/Vineyard, 8.7% Mount Druitt)

  • shorter life expectancy (by 4 years compared to NSW) due to diabetes, obesity, physical activity, access to fresh food and lower cancer screening rates

  • occupations are mainly in 'less skilled' areas

  • high birth rates

  • highest number of domestic violence assaults with 2309 in the year to September 2019.

Women's Advisory Committee

The committee provides advice to Council on issues relevant to women:

  • policy development

  • planning of services, facilities, programs and projects

  • the best ways to consult and engage with local communities

  • ways to improve access to services and facilities for women.

For more information, please contact our Women's Project Officer on 02 9839 5947.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated globally on 8 March each year. The day acknowledges and celebrates social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women through history and across nations.

Each year, we host an event to celebrate women who have made an outstanding contribution to our community.

Congratulations to our 2020 Blacktown City Woman of the Year, Lisa Lewis. Lisa was named outstanding Youth Leader of Western Sydney in 2018, is a volunteer with Red Cross and Amnesty International and an adviser to the Migrant and Refugee Womens Coalition, Greater Sydney Commission, Western Sydney Local Health District and the US Embassy.