Stormwater Management Service Charge


We have collected the Stormwater Management Service Charge (the Charge) annually, since 2007, from residential and commercial property owners for improved stormwater management. If you are a rate payer you may have seen this charge on your rates notice as a separate billing item called the Environmental Stormwater Service Charge.

This Charge was introduced to fund additional, or improve existing, stormwater related services.

The funds generated by the Charge in 2019/20 will be $3.5 per year million.  This will be spent on numerous stormwater related projects, such as:

  • stormwater education of the community

  • capacity building of Council staff on water sensitive urban design

  • water quality and quantity monitoring of our waterways with publishing of an annual report (Waterway Health Report Card)

  • catchment planning

  • compliance audits of industrial properties for the safe storage of chemicals and compliance of private/commercial properties with water sensitive urban design (water quality) and onsite detention (water quantity) devices

  • maintenance of Council owned stormwater assets, including:

  • design and construction for new stormwater related projects, including:

    • stormwater harvesting and reuse schemes

    • creek restoration projects

    • installation of stormwater quality improvement devices.

If you are interested to know how the Charge is spent in more detail please refer to the Works Improvement Program and general information from the Waterway Health Report Card.