Animal Rehoming Centre


Project lead: Blacktown City

Potential partners: NSW Government, Western Sydney councils, University of Sydney, Greyhound Racing NSW, Domestic Violence NSW, Western Sydney Parklands Trust.

We are building a new Animal Rehoming Centre on a 10.5 hectare site at Glendenning. The ARC will shelter and re-home up to 10,000 cats, dogs and other animals every year. It will provide animal care services to several Western Sydney councils.

This site is highly accessible to visitors from across Sydney, located very close to both the M7 and M4 Motorways.

We will continue to work with rescue groups and foster carers to rehome animals. Our plan is to offer a range of other services and facilities to generate community benefits never previously contemplated by old-fashioned ‘council pounds’.

We have allocated a budget of $15.3 million in anticipation of the sale of the land which houses the existing facility.

We are creating our Centre as a place of choice for the community to visit and adopt an animal.  It will have the capacity for changing animal care needs, including increased holding space

The ARC will be a quality environment which incorporates innovative and efficient design and construction components to minimise future energy use and operational costs. 

2036 statement - Where we will be

Blacktown provides an industry-leading regional animal rehoming centre for Western Sydney.

Our Animal Rehoming Centre (ARC) is the first custom-built rehoming centre of its kind in Australia. The ARC will be a modern, eco-friendly, welcoming and spacious facility based on best practice for animal holding and rehoming. It will also incorporate a veterinary clinic.

Priorities for 2018/19

Planning approval for the ARC was awarded in September 2017.

A $15.3 million budget allocation for a base facility has been made in anticipation of the sale of land upon which the existing holding facility is sited. Contracts and capital contributions with other participating councils will assist in funding the facility. 

A delivery team has been appointed, including project managers and architects.

Council will maintain dialogue with The University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science, Greyhound Racing NSW and Domestic Violence NSW.

The primary actions for 2018/19 are:

  • revision of program for delivery to accommodate additional councils and (separately on the site) the Blacktown Canine Club

  • award contract for construction in late 2018, with construction anticipated to start in late 2018 and continuing through 2019.