Animal Rehoming Centre


Project lead: Blacktown City

Potential partners: NSW Government, Western Sydney councils, University of Sydney, Greyhound Racing NSW, Domestic Violence NSW, Western Sydney Parklands Trust.

Strategy Statement: Council has endorsed a concept plan and funding strategy for the replacement of our current Animal Holding Facility at Blacktown with a new best-practice facility at Glendenning. It is anticipated that the new facility will open during 2021/22. The Animal Rehoming Centre will provide animal care services to a range of councils. 

2036 statement - Where we will be

Blacktown provides an industry-leading regional animal rehoming centre for Western Sydney.

Our Animal Rehoming Centre (ARC) is the first custom-built rehoming centre of its kind in Australia. The ARC will be a modern, eco-friendly, welcoming and spacious facility based on best practice for animal holding and rehoming. It will also incorporate a veterinary clinic.

Priorities for 2019/20

A $20.9 million budget allocation for a base facility has been made in anticipation of the sale of land upon which the existing holding facility is sited. Contracts and capital contributions from other participating councils will assist in funding an extended facility. 

The primary actions for 2019/20 are:

  • finalisation of participating councils including financial terms and physical requirements
  • finalisation of tender documents and calling of tenders for an extended facility
  • award contract for construction and commence construction 

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