Transforming Blacktown

With the population of Blacktown City expected to reach over 500,000 by 2036, we have laid the foundations to respond to this growth and provide high quality services.

The transformational projects identify key priorities for our community, including “breakthrough” areas to advance the long term strategy.  

With relevant stakeholders, we will work towards delivering these projects, ensuring the vision is achieved. The transformational projects support delivery of the strategic directions.  As strategies are confirmed, they will also become key actions in the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

The transformational projects are at different stages of development. The projects vary in nature and include work in the following areas:

  • Construction and capital expenditure

  • Planning and design

  • Facilitation, including the negotiation of agreements between Blacktown City and external parties for a future project

  • Advocacy and issues management.

See below for details on the projects.