City Assets

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Access and Transport Management

  • Transport

  • Road Safety

  • Street Lighting

  • Local traffic committee.

Plant and Energy

  • Purchase and maintenance of Council Fleet

  • Purchase and maintenance of Fixed Plant

  • Energy Management.

Asset Planning and Support 

  • Asset Management

  • Works Improvement Program

  • Contract Administration

  • Works in Kind Agreements

  • Land surveying.

Asset Construction

  • Asset construction

  • Iconic project construction – civil projects.

Building Construction and Maintenance

  • Maintenance and cleaning of buildings

  • Design and construction of buildings

  • Outdoor and field lighting

  • Building security.

Civil Maintenance 

  • Maintenance of Civil Infrastructure

  • Street Cleaning

  • Graffiti Removal.

Open Space Maintenance

  • Maintenance of Parks and Open Space

  • Trees

  • Bushland and waterway maintenance.


Department Head

Rudi Svarc

Rudi Svarc

Rudi Svarc is an expert in traffic management and transport planning. He began his career with the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, before working in local government for the past 28 years. Rudi’s previous roles include managing traffic and transport sections for both Hills Shire Council and Blacktown City.