Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) standard drawings


Our water sensitive urban design (WSUD) standard drawings outline the design and construction requirements for bioretention systems (a.k.a raingardens, biofilters), swales, porous paving, street tree pits, rainwater tanks and on-site stormwater detention systems. 

The drawings are intended to be used in conjunction with the small scale stormwater quality model S3QM tool. The drawings provide complying solutions, however, they should not stifle innovation or replace sound engineering judgement.

The drawings may require modification to suit local topography, soils, landscape, services and site conditions.  They specify the requirements for bioretention filter media, hydraulic testing, liners, gross pollutant traps, vegetation, shading and mulching.  They also outline the construction inspection hold points and requirements for establishment and staging of works.

Should you wish to be notified when a new version of the WSUD Standard Drawings are released, please contact our Drainage Design Engineer by emailing wsud@blacktown.nsw.gov.au.