Recycled and natural road pavement

We allow the use of recycled road pavement materials within Blacktown City in road pavement construction.

We also allow use of crushed or ripped Hawkesbury Sandstone (natural sandstone) as a sub-base material for the construction of residential streets that have low traffic volumes.

Sandstone is not to be used in pavements for industrial roads unless we approve it. 

Our Civil Works Specification contains requirements for both natural and recycled granular materials to be used in road pavement construction as sub-base (DGS), base course (DGB), pipe bedding material and fill sand (backfilling material). All such material must be sourced from a stockpile which has been constructed in accordance with relevant RMS specification, and tested and certified by a NATA registered laboratory as complying with Civil Works Specification 2005 prior to its use in road construction within Blacktown City. 

Natural or recycled materials, which have not been certified in this manner, are not allowed to be used in road pavement construction.

Previously we have approved stockpiles of certified materials, however as from 26 June 2017 this practice has ceased. End users are now required to obtain evidence of material certification directly from their supplier.