Pre - lodgement meetings

Early discussions between applicants and our officers reduce the potential for development projects to be delayed or lodged incomplete. You should contact the Gateway Planning Team to find out if your proposal would benefit from a pre-lodgement meeting (PAM).  This is a free service.

Experience shows that delays in the processing of development applications often occur as a result of inadequate information being submitted or a lack of understanding about the relevant local development controls.

In order to provide an efficient development assessment system, we encourage applicants to book a pre-lodgement meeting.

A review of the proposed development options will highlight the opportunities that may be available, any identifiable site constraints, as well as potential solutions. Our officers will be able to provide general guidance, but cannot give any undertakings regarding the acceptability of non-compliances or the anticipated timeframe to determine a development application.


  • Each meeting will only deal with the proposed development of one site.

  • Meetings will be arranged once we receive an email from the proponent with the completed PAM form and proposed plans.

  • The site must be precisely identified (including the legal description – Lot and DP/SP)

  • Additional information is to be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the meeting to allow our officers adequate time to thoroughly check the proposal to identify any issues prior to providing any advice.

  • The meeting is limited to 1 hour and to the issues listed at the time the PAM is booked.

How to book a PAM

  1. Complete the relevant PAM form:

    • Request a PAM form - Small scale residential and industrial commercial

    • Request a PAM form - RFB and multi dwelling housing.

  2. Email this through to with a set of the required plans.

  3. Our officers will be in contact with you as soon as possible to book this meeting. These meetings are booked via email and sent as a meeting appointment with the next available date and time.

  4. Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for a meeting to be held, depending on demand.

  5. Meetings are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

  6. After the meeting, allow a further two week turn around period for you to receive you final signed minutes via email.

The PAM process does not apply to dual occupancies, dwelling houses, dwelling additions, ancillary residential development (swimming pools, garages, carports, awnings or the like) and 2-3 lot subdivisions.

In addition to our PAM service, a duty planner can be contacted on (02) 9839 6000 during office hours or alternatively at the Gateway Counter located at the Civic Centre between 8 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.