Household clean up

Spring Cleaning? Refurnishing?

We provide a household clean-up service to all Blacktown City residents. You can book up to 12 collections a year, there is no extra fee. 

You may have to wait up to 4 weeks for an available collection date, so please plan ahead. 


Plan for your clean up

Remember that the clean up day is the same day as your regular garbage day.


Assess what you can place out for a house clean up


Book your household clean up collection online.


Place materials out. 

In a neat and tidy manner on your nature strip, the night before your booked collection is due.

Size restriction to this service.

You can put out the equivalent of one small box trailer load per collection.

Do not block any footpath or driveway access.

We cannot collect excessive amounts of waste (more than one box trailer load), any building, demolition waste or automotive car parts. In most cases these items may be accepted at either the Eastern Creek Waste Management Centre or the Seven Hills Waste Management Centre 1300 651 116.

  • building materials including tiles, bricks, metals, wood or guttering

  • windows, glass, mirrors, crockery or ceramics

  • oil or paints

  • liquid wastes or chemicals

  • car bodies, tyres, batteries or car parts

  • asbestos containing material

  • chicken wire, wire netting or fencing

  • concrete or cement/masonry

  • bulk cardboard

  • tree trunks or stumps

  • industrial metals

  • gas cylinders 

  • general garbage

  • soil.

We coordinate the collection of mattresses, but they are picked up by contractors.

We will collect mattresses within 24-48 hours after your clean up service.

Please do not remove mattress from the footpath after your clean up service has been provided.

What happens to my mattress once taken?

The mattresses are either refurbished or recycled.

Mattresses good enough to be refurbished are:

  • cleaned

  • sanitised

  • sealed in a bag

  • sold or donated through the op-shop network.

The remaining mattresses are pulled apart and the various materials used as follows:

  • steel springs are recycled as scrap metal

  • foam is reused by the carpet industry

  • husk is made into hanging baskets, door mats and mulch

  • fabric and felt pads are used to make boxing bags

  • timber is made into kindling or mulch

For information or to report if your matterss is not collected, please call us on 9839 6000