Engineering guidelines for development

To assist developers and contractors in providing quality road and drainage infrastructure to the community, we have produced a comprehensive engineering guideline and civil works specification.

The aim of these documents is to facilitate the efficient processing of engineering plan submissions, and to ensure that infrastructure associated with any development is designed and constructed to be safe, serviceable, economical to maintain and meets community expectations.

Applicants should be aware that each development will be treated on its merits, and that approval is dependant on the overall impact of the development and not solely on compliance with minimum engineering standards.

Download our engineering guidelines(PDF, 10MB) and civil works specifications(PDF, 5MB).  Hard copies are also available for purchase over the counter at our Civic Centre, 62 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown. 

Our civil works specification requires contractors to source road pavement and pipe bedding materials from approved suppliers.

For more information and enquiries regarding these documents, please contact our Development Engineers or the Coordinator Engineering Approvals on 9839 6000.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

We have prepared an Integrated Water Cycle Management Development Control Plan to mitigate the impact of urban development on local waterways within the area.

Read more about Water Sensitive Urban Design.